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Class Schedule

Kim’s Gym offers a variety of classes for all fitness levels. Scroll down to view class schedule and descriptions. All classes are 45 minutes.

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Kims gym aerobics schedule

Class Descriptions

HIIT,  Step Interval,  FXL45,  TRX Interval

These classes combine all the components of a full body workout. This 45-minute class will give you a total body workout combining a variety of training techniques including Tabata Training (30 second bursts), HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and Circuit Training (using stations) and a cool down. The interval format incorporates both cardio and strength exercises designed for any level. Using a variety of equipment your workout will be different each time. Low-impact and higher intensity options will be provided to ensure that each participant achieves their ideal workout goals.    

Fit for Life and Senior Circuit

Both of these classes are designed for the 60+ crowd, beginning exercisers, and anyone that needs a low impact, slower paced format. Strength training, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, cardio, and MOSTLY FUN are the components. Expect to laugh, clap your hands, and be loud. All fitness levels are welcome. 

Pilates  Plus,  Butts and Guts,  Core Dynamics

Focusing on core, stability, balance, flexibility, and breathing, this class is performed both standing and on the floor.  You will combine core work with functional movement to achieve a total body workout that finishes with stretching and relaxation. 


Taught by a Master Yoga instructor, you will experience a full hour of progressive, flowing positions that will enhance your mind, body, and soul.  All levels are invited and encouraged to enjoy this full body workout.

Tone Time

This low/no impact group strength training format focuses on increasing overall strength by using body weight, dumbbells, tubing, kettlebells, and fitballs  as tools for the challenge.  Great class for beginners and veteran exercisers.


Parkinsons Wellness Recovery led by a Certified Physical Therapist.  While this class is Parkinson disease-specific, anyone contending with a chronic disease is invited to participate.  This neuroplasticity-principled program is shown by research to reduce symptoms, restore function, and improve quality of life, with promise to slow disease progression.

Kickbutt Kettlebell

This low impact kettlebell workout emphasizes proper kettlebell form and function. You will gain strength, flexibility, and endurance while learning proper kettlebell form, techniques, and dynamics.

Tai Chi

Taught by a Master Tai Chi instructor, this low impact class will combine the practice of Tai Chi with the discipline of mindful movement, breathing, and natural body flow while increasing self muscle awareness and focus.  All fitness levels are welcome to come and enjoy the dynamics of Tai Chi. 

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